The best part of establishing a workout routine is making it a habit. I’ve been working out Monday–Friday for about a year now, and it’s helped me see exercise as a necessary part of my day, like brushing my teeth.

I’ve found that the key part of a good fitness plan is variety. If each day is different, you will feel less depressed about lugging your lazy butt to the gym. Thankfully we have a routine to get you started. The Sasquatch Challenge uses advice from personal trainer Daven Gray, and employs a mix of cardio and strength exercises that use natural equipment like animals (beavers are heavy, it turns out), trees, and more. Check it out:

Don’t stop when week four is over. Progress happens slowly. Once you’ve created a plan, Gray recommends sticking to it. “Six to eight weeks is the amount of time it’s going to take you to see any gains,” he says.

Try the 4-Week Sasquatch Challenge and share your results by posting pics of yourself mid-workout (Sasquatch not included) in the comments. And remember to feed those muscles with protein-packed Jack Link’s jerky.

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