Ever watched a commercial and wished it sounded the way you and your friends actually talk? Herbal Essences feels you, and they want to put the power into your hands. With a revolutionary new tool at their site, you can become screenwriter, creative consultant, and producer on your own shampoo ad.

Get inspired by checking out the video above — featuring a carefully-wrought story of wedding fatigue, astronaut ice cream, and space adventure — and then come up with your own script for our four impeccably-coiffed heroines. Whether you decide to make them discuss Proust, pork futures, or the best ways to get red wine stains out of your carpet, the magic of technology will turn your words into beautiful reality when you head over to the Herbal Essences site and enter your screenplay using the tool they've provided.

You'll get the satisfaction of creating your own short film without having to go through the trouble of obtaining costly filming permits, finding licensed drivers for unwieldy speedboats, or negotiating with finicky actors who demand a full day rate plus a catered lunch. When you're done, come back and share your masterpiece in the comments, and get ready to bask in the accolades that will undoubtedly start rolling in.

Gabrielle Moss has written mostly funny stuff (but also some serious stuff) for GQ.com, The Hairpin, Nerve, etc. You can follow her here.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Herbal Essences and Studio@Gawker.