Baja California: where the landscape is unmatched in its beauty and its difficult-to-navigate terrain. Bryce Menzies fell in love with the area when he went there on a dirt bike trip with his father when he was 13. He loved it so much that he returned every year thereafter until he started off-road racing professionally.

To prepare for races down Baja way, Menzies pre-runs with his co-driver, so both can familiarize themselves with the course and its hazards. He also distinguishes himself on race day by using BFGoodrich tires. Call it magic or just plain old toughness, but these all-terrain T/A KO2 tires can withstand 250 miles and still look brand new. They provide better traction in mud* and last twice as long on gravel**. Check out Bryce ripping through dirt roads in the video above, then do your car a favor and get some unbeatable BFGoodrich tires.

This is a sponsored post between BFGoodrich and StudioAtGawker.

*Disclaimer: Based on internal subjective mud testing vs. the BFGoodrich® All-Terrain T/A KO tire in size LT 265/70R17

**Disclaimer: Based on commissioned third-party gravel endurance tests vs. BFGoodrich® All-Terrain T/A KO tire in size LT 265/70R17