Watch This Dyson Tackle Serious Messes with Satisfying Ease

Kristina Loring for Dyson

There's definitely something satisfying and stress relieving about conquering a mess. Dyson's DC59 Motorhead is the perfect sidekick to battle domestic chaos. For that instantly gratifying, cathartic experience of watching a dirty disaster transform into a clean home, check out these GIFs showing the DC59 Motorhead in action. Warning: this cordless vacuum's powerhouse moves can be mesmerizing.

When the Dust Settles, Dyson Strikes


The aptly named Dyson DC59 Motorhead's power lies in its digital motor V6. This mighty motor allows it to clean your house from floor to ceiling with bristles that reach deep into plush carpet and glide across tile and hardwood floors. The motorhead combines stiff nylon brushes for carpets and carbon fiber filaments for the hardwood floors to generate 75% more brush power than its predecessor, the DC59 Animal. All this powerful suction combined with Radial cyclones and additional tools for soft dusting and cleaning pesky pet hair off of upholstery makes for a satisfying cleaning job.

So the next time you feel inspired to turn your deck or patio into a Garden of Eden — a transformation that will probably leave dirt and debris everywhere — grab your DC59 Motorhead. This cordless vac knows no boundaries, so it can join you outdoors as you tidy your outdoor living space. And while you develop your budding green thumb, the Dyson DC59 Motorhead will be charging its reengineered lithium-ion battery on a wall dock so its suction power is at the ready when you need it again.

Cordless Cleaning Conquest


The Dyson DC59 Motorhead also has a spectrum of settings that adapt to your specific cleaning task. You can choose twenty minutes of powerful suction or switch to a six-minute max mode session for those heavy-duty messes that call for higher suction power. If you've been tripping up your stairs while trying to ignore the debris you've tracked in from outside, stumble no more. This vacuum can transform into a sleek handheld machine for quick, cordless cleanup in the places that require a more agile device with an extended reach.

A Vacuuming Powerhouse in a Nimble Package


Tackling a big spill or mess can be daunting, but the DC59 Motorhead was designed to assuage your cleaning anxiety. The comfortable hand grip is the device's center of gravity, so it's easy to pivot low or clean high, hard-to-reach places. The detachable long-reach wand is made from lightweight aluminum, and the addition of the mini-motorized attachment tool makes it super simple to clean hair, dirt, or the remnants of last night's dinner party stuck in awkward spaces or on delicate upholstery (say, if your dinner party turned into a food fight).

With a head that pivots 180° without losing floor contact and a V-Ball that steers the vacuum smoothly around obstacle courses of furniture, you don't need the flexibility of a yogini to clean your home efficiently. And without the restrictive leash of a cord, you can get rid of dirt and dust swiftly and seamlessly. If you and your living room woke up from last night's surprise party covered in confetti, the DC59 Motorhead has your tidying needs covered. One swift cleanup, and it's like the rager never happened. Too bad a vacuum can't suck away a lingering hangover.


Once you've mastered your mess, simply press a button to easily and hygienically empty the dirt bin. Then, take a deep breath and relax, knowing the Dyson DC59 Motorhead's versatility will save you time and energy while offering a restorative cleaning experience for your home and your mental state.

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