Talented people can create art out of just about anything. Case in point in this new video by music producer and remix artist Pogo, which was made (in celebration of M&M’S 75th anniversary) by sampling and remixing more than six decades’ worth of M&M’S commercials. Press play above!

M&M’S have been around since 1941, but the first M&M’S television commercial didn’t air until the 1950s. And that is what’s represented above: 45 different TV spots, spanning every decade from the 1950s through 2015. Keep an eye out for the classic “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand” slogan — considered the original tagline for M&M’S — which was used across various TV commercials from the 1950s through the 1980s.

M&M’S are for the people, which Pogo has proven by taking 75 years of chocolate fun and remaking it into a dope commercial remix. Click play again up top for a remixed take on M&M’S history. #CelebrateWithM

This post is a sponsored collaboration between M&M’S and Studio@Gawker.