As a kid, my favorite midnight pastime was lying in bed and imagining myself in fantasy worlds before drifting off to sleep. Heroes, monsters, and mythical creatures were commonplace in these delirious dreamscapes, where anything was possible.

While adulthood has sapped much of my imaginative verve — my bedtime fantasies have now been replaced by Wikipedia rabbit holes and sleep aids — it’s still fun for me to challenge myself to revitalize my childhood imagination. Today, I think my ideal mythical companion would be the Loch Ness Monster: elusive, nature-loving, and, like me, possibly reptilian.

Regardless of your own preferences, you can bring your chimerical sidekick fantasies one step closer to reality by checking out Tome of the Sun, a new mobile MMO that features painfully cute Battle Pets based on traditional mythical creatures. So what mythical creature would you want by your side? How about in a battle? Let us know in the comments! For inspiration, we’ve included a brief compatibility guide below.

Basilisk: Optimal for anyone who needs more deadly side-eye and RBF in their life. Dire for those who prefer to make deep eye contact with their companions during conversation.

Dragon: Great for people who need their money safeguarded but don’t trust big banks. Bad for those who live in wooden homes.

Krampus: Excellent for enjoying mischief and devilry together during the holidays. Not so great for needy or easily terrified people who desire year-round companionship.


Manticore: Good for hunting wild game and intimidating strangers. Terrible for vegetarians and people who are afraid of accidentally getting eaten.

Mermaid/Merman: Great for individuals who desire a good-looking crew and free swimming lessons. Bad if high-maintenance isn’t your thing.

Minotaur: Ideal for people who need a strong friend to help them out with menial tasks, or professional maze management. Disastrous for those who don’t want smashed possessions.


Phoenix: Aces for pyromaniacs and anyone seeking a lifelong companion. Bad news for avid campers in dry states.

Unicorn: Perfect for anyone who can’t stand public transportation. Bad for unpretentious people who prefer to be discreet.


Specter: Good for goths, former emo kids, and ghostkin. Not the best if you suffer from a heart condition.

While teaming up with these mythical creatures will have to remain in the realm of fantasy, you can join forces with your very own Battle Pet by downloading Tome of the Sun on your mobile device. For a limited time, each new player account will get a baby dragon to nurture, evolve, and bring to battle.

Angela Wang is a Senior Writer for Studio@Gawker.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Tome of the Sun and Studio@Gawker.