What Small DIY Improvement Has Made the Biggest Difference in Your Life?

Angela Wang for Diet Dr Pepper
Illustration by Ramóna Udvardi

Few things are more satisfying than successfully carrying out a DIY project. Not only do you get to feel smart and capable for solving problems, but you can also use the process as an excuse to reward yourself. Got off the couch and picked up the drafting pencil? Time for a sweet treat. Finished sanding the final component? Now you can bite the bullet on the headphones you’ve been eyeing. Best of all, you’ll have a physical reminder that you did something productive.

Even small improvements can make a big difference. Over the past few years, I’ve painted a number of cheap terracotta planters and repurposed tea and coffee tins for indoor plants. The result has been a lot more greenery in my apartment, easy access to fresh herbs, and an aesthetically-pleasing array of neat planters. It took minimal effort, but my quality of life (and quality of air) has increased markedly. It’s also the DIY that keeps on giving — I can continually gift cuttings and plant babies to my friends and family.


But enough about me. We want to hear about your DIY successes. What small DIYs have had the biggest impacts in your lives? Which ones are you the most proud of?

Tell us in the comments. And don’t forget that even small victories call for proper rewards. Celebrate your next DIY success with Diet Dr Pepper. We all deserve to treat ourselves for our wins.

Angela Wang is a Senior Writer for Studio@Gizmodo.

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