What to Do with Your Life (This Weekend, At Least)

Anna Schumacher for SCION

TGIF – now whatcha gonna do about it? While you surf the web and wait for the clock to strike five (uh…we mean finish up all your deliverables so you can contribute to your team’s bottom line), why not spend a few minutes determining your weekend fate?

Developed in conjunction with Scion — a car known for its stylishness, unbeatable value, and incredible performance — this 6-question personality probe provides unprecedented (and possibly even accurate) insight into not only who you are, but what that means for your weekend. Along with your results you’ll learn the best vehicle to help you get ‘er done…whether it’s the Scion iA sedan’s metropolitan chic or the rugged charm of the Scion iM hatchback.


Now let’s get started…because in a few short hours the workweek will be over and whatever’s on this computer screen will be the furthest thing from your mind.

Whatever your chosen destination, get there behind the wheel of a sleek Scion iA — with its sporty design and easy handling — or a sporty iM, which offers plenty of space to haul your gear without sacrificing its distinctively cool look. The Scion is the car that will get you to your happy place — literally.

Anna Schumacher is a freelance writer and the author of the YA doomsday series End Times, out now from Razorbill Books.


This post is a sponsored collaboration between Scion and Studio@Gawker.

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