Which Misfits, Underdogs, and Loners Do You Always Root For?

Everyone loves an underdog — and it’s nearly impossible to resist a motley group of underdogs like the crew of endearingly raunchy delinquents in Hulu’s Misfits (it doesn’t hurt that they’re British and have superpowers). From The Mighty Ducks and The Sandlot to The Breakfast Club and A League of Their Own…and Cool Runnings…and The Goonies, a group of ragtag characters down on their luck who steal our hearts and turn things around will never get old.

How many inspiring montages have you seen that feature a group of outliers coming together to win the big game, build a car (or rocket ship, or time machine), or create a scene-stealing prom dress out of vintage scraps? Tales of opposites attracting and joining forces to take on the rich, attractive, and obviously bad guys are bound to leave us teary-eyed and feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


What are your favorite teams of lovable oddballs? Jump into the comments, and share your favorite pop-culture ragtag crews below.

For a regular dose of loners with a side of sex, drugs, and sci-fi, head here to check out Hulu's Misfits.

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