Which of Orphan Black's Badass Clones is Most Worship-Worthy?

Tini Howard for Orphan Black

BBC America's gripping thrillerOrphan Blackreturns April 19th, so I thought it might be a great time to celebrate the show's highly distinct Identicals. The clones brilliantly subvert the trope of the Strong Female Character and instead replace it with seven Real Female Characters brought to life by Tatiana Maslany's nuanced and deliberate acting choices. Surely, you can identify with one of them. Take a look at our Clone Club profiles below and let us know which clone owns your heart in the comments. (I've left out Helena as an option — can you blame me?)



You've never found it easy to fit in, so you're a clever chameleon. When people need to hide a body or pay a debt, they call you. You like the Clash, black clothes, and drinking other people's alcohol. Upside: Fe, who not only puts the 'gay best friend' stereotype to bed, but dresses it in drag and babysits it. Downside: You're the newbie in all of this, and as the resident street-smart one, you get forced to do a lot of the legwork.


You're the brains and the good sense. You have faith in the strings and particles that make the universe work, and being a science experiment wouldn't be the worst thing that's ever happened to you. Upside: You're the smartest, and arguably the cutest. Downside: Your trust in logic can mislead you.



On the outside, you're flawless. On the inside, you're a mess. You like the hard boiled detective life, trench coats, and minimalist furniture. You want to solve the world's mysteries, but the world has mysteries that scare you. You do not handle pressure well. Upside: You have a great office wardrobe, a job you love, and coworkers who will seriously go to bat for you when the going gets tough. Downside: Well, you're dead.



You like J. Crew sweaters, family pictures, and violence. These things make you feel conflicted, so occasionally you lash out in inappropriate ways. It's important to you that you feel included instead of useless, so you're prone to giving too much and getting taken advantage of in relationships. Upside: You are absolutely terrifying with a glue gun. Your Pinterest is a thing of beauty. Downside: Everyone holds their breath a little when you scrapbook, due to your proximity to scissors.



You are something of a mystery and have a habit of rocketing into people's lives when they least expect it. You're a target, and that's bad, but you have a really adorable accent, so that's good. Upside: Your hair is super Run Lola Run-German in the best way. "Rock und Roll." Downside: You often start trouble that you're not always around to finish. On a related note, your bright red hair makes you an ideal target for snipers.



You are perfect. Everyone knows it. Your parents probably raised you knowing that you were their special little girl. You know what you want and you get it. Upside: You probably wake up with your hair looking like that. Downside: You're likely going to be proven wrong by your badass clone sisters.

So who's your favorite clone and why? Is there one that gives you the most feels? Does anyone like Helena? Comment with your answers.


And don't forget to watch Season 2 of Orphan Black, returning Saturday, April 19 at 9/8c on BBC America.

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