Quick: Which famous revolutionary gifted the world this piece of enlightenment: “I’m thinking of buying a monkey. Then I think, ‘Why stop at one?’ I don’t like to be limited in that way. Therefore I’m considering a platoon of monkeys.”? John Macenroe? Or wait — that sounds a lot like Benjamin Franklin. Maybe Robert Downey Jr.? I digress. Like baseball and apple pie, America loves a good revolutionary, so test your knowledge of emblematic rebels past and present with the quiz below.

Who knew Anthony Bourdain and Julia Child were on the same wavelength? Or that Amy Schumer was so influenced by Mark Twain? It doesn’t really matter how you fared (it does); the important thing is that you look to the wisdom of these mavericks as you start your own revolution. But before you go rousing your own rabble (whatever that is), take an extra shot of dissidence in the form of Rebel Yell Bourbon, and never go quietly.

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