Ever wished your home was more like a sci-fi spaceship, with you at the helm as its swashbuckling captain? Control4, the ultimate smart home automation system, is about to make that dream come true, by helping you program all the electronic components in your home to work together seamlessly and serve your every whim.

For movie buffs, Control4 will make your home theater that much more theater-like by starting the movie, dimming the lights, and setting the room temperature with the touch of a single button. If you get up for a snack, it will automatically raise the lights halfway so you can make the trip safely. No more fumbling with twenty different remote controls just to turn the TV on and get your movie started—with Control4 you can sit back, enjoy the show, and let your electronics do all the work.

It's not just for the TV room, either. Your whole house or apartment can be tricked out for a life of bespoke, futuristic luxury. Trouble waking up in the mornings? Program your bedroom lights to flash on and off and your speakers to blast heavy metal when you absolutely must get up. Less frantic types can program their own perfect wake-up scenario, with soothing classical sounds and a gentle opening of the blinds.

Throughout the day you can use your Control4 system to ensure your bathroom is just the right temperature on a cold morning, to automatically serve up the perfect soundtrack for every activity, and to have your hot tub fired up for the minute you dip your toe in. Accidentally leave your child behind when you go away on vacation? Not to worry! Rather than letting him rely on his wits to booby-trap the place for burglars, you can use your phone to remotely control your home security system and scare the intruders off yourself.

If you're already dizzy thinking about all the power you could have at your disposal, head over to Control4, where you can enter to win $5000 worth of gear to wire up all the equipment you already own with custom automation. Enter before August 24 for the chance to finally be the master of all you survey.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Control4 and Studio@Gawker.