It’s time to stop holding yourself back from peak human by driving an unkempt car. It’s also time to stop holding yourself from peak car by thinking it’s too laborious to give the thing a good cleaning.

There are ways to make a used car gleam like a desert oasis without expending copious amounts of time, money, and energy. Simple shortcuts — like using newspaper in lieu of a cloth to clean your windshield and windows — make the process painless, while producing impeccable results. (It’s an old car show trick used to get a streak-free shine on glass, and it actually works.)

Watch the video above for more pro-tips on how to get that new car look and feel, sans the heavy lifting. At the bare minimum, invest in Armor All Ultra Shine Wash Wipes — they’ll get the outside of your car clean in a jiffy, no bucket or hose necessary.

Angela Wang is a Senior Writer for Studio@Gizmodo.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Armor All and Studio@Gizmodo.